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Podcasting – should museums listen?

As promised, here is a re-recording of the talk that I gave at the Museums Association Digital Dialogues conference. It is, of course, available as a podcast. Feel free to comment here. If there’s interest, I’ll also post my presentation for people to download. If you’d like to subscribe to this and future podcasts from […]

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Archaeology in Podcast User Magazine

The latest issue (No. 11) of Podcast User Magazine contains an article entitled “Podcasting the Past” written by yours truly. It’s all about podcasting archaeology, and how Archaeocast came about. So head over to http://podcastusermagazine.com/ and grab a copy (well, PDF) while they’re still hot!

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UK Podcasting Conference: PodcastConUK 2006

This year, PodcastConUK will be held on Saturday 18 November 2006 at CCT Smithfield, London. If you’re in to podcasting – either as a listener or a producer, I urge you to go. I went last year, and it was fantastic – from meeting fellow podcasters, to hearing the varied talks, brainstorming, and discovering new […]

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Podcast User Magazine

Podcast User 'Magazine'

I should have blogged about this a while ago, but my last post on niche podcasting reminded me about Podcast User Magazine. PUM is available electronically (PDF) and licensed under a Creative Commons license. PUM is written by podcasters for podcasters, and covers everything from starting your first podcast, to publicity and studio tips. They’re […]

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