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Digital Britain and Collections

What role has Culture (capital C) in Digital Britain? And within Culture, what do digitised collections and content mean to the nation? Perhaps more importantly for the sectors involved in cultural provision (such as museums), can digital collections take part in the Digital Economy in a meaningful way? In January 2009, the UK Government produced […]

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A new window into our past?

Sorry about the cryptic title, but I’ve just stumbled upon a very interesting video by Johnny Lee demonstrating how a Nintendo Wii Remote (Wiimote) can be used to perform ‘head tracking’. It allows one person to use a screen as a ‘window’ onto a much larger image. If you get close to the screen you […]

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ZPrinter 3D printer

3D Printing?

Some museums provide replica objects that you can pick up and examine, rather than just peering at them through a glass case. There is a lot to be said at being able to feel an artefact, and look at the detail. It’s good for visually impaired people too. Now, imagine being able to download a […]

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Coloured Bubbles and Disappearing Dyes

[Update] Matt has pointed out that these are called Zubbles, and on the website you can see photos of them. Thanks, Matt! Clear bubbles will soon be a thing of the past – retro, even. An idea by Tim Kehoe, and perfected by dye chemist Ram Sabnis has become a reality. Read the full story […]

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