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A Virtual Stonehenge Landscape

Over the past few months I’ve been hard at work producing an animation of the Environment Agency LIDAR survey of the Stonehenge World Heritage site. The resulting video is currently playing on an HD plasma screen in the “Making History: Antiquaries In Britain, 1707–2007” exhibition at the Royal Academy in London. Read more about the […]

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The trilithons at Stonehenge are now thought to be much older than we previously thought.

Stonehenge trilithons are older than we thought

The latest edition of the archaeology journal, Antiquity (Volume 81 No. 313 September 2007, link to summary) contains an article by Mike Parker Pearson et al entitled “The age of Stonehenge”. It is a summary of progress so far on the Stonehenge Riverside Project and the Beaker isotope project, and contains some interesting and important […]

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