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Past Past Thinking?

Past Thinking was my first blog, way back in 2005. Eventually I decided to focus on posts relating to archaeology and wider heritage issues, splitting off my personal posts to my own blog. I began contributing to many other sites, and running some for other people and organisations. Then along came social media. My blogging-fu […]

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Men an Tol

All Change

I have been rather quiet on the blogging front lately. Largely this has been driven by a series of moves, physically, and career-wise. Firstly, after many years of planning, I have now moved to west Cornwall,which is, in my opinion, one of the most beautiful parts of the UK, as well as one of the […]

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Swansea Observatory at dusk

Past Thinking moves server and house

Past Thinking has just moved to a new server. Please excuse us as we re-set the site back up. The reason for the move is because we had been hacked, and search results for posts on this site showed up as pharmaceutical adverts. For those interested, it was the WordPress “Pharma Hack“, and it proved […]

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Technical 'itch

Thanks to Mia, I’ve just found out that Past Thinking has been misbehaving itself and displaying an error like a cat proudly presenting a dead mouse to its owner… The problem was with the theme I have been using, so I’ve enabled an alternative as I won’t be able to fix the problem until Sunday. […]

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Browsers - IE isn't dominant here!

Past Thinking Statistics

I’ve just been having a look at the statistics for to get an idea of whether anyone is actually reading this, and the results are surprising. Web professionals know that putting an exact figure on the amount of people who have visited (either once or repeatedly) is tricky to get right, and that is […]

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Past Thinking has moved! Update your bookmarks! Past Thinking can now be found at The newsfeed remains the same, so there’s no need to resubscribe (all 15 of you!). With the move, a few things might have gone awry, such as broken images or strange plugin behaviours. If you notice anything, please leave […]

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