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One Day in History

‘One Day in History’ is a one off opportunity for you to join in a mass blog for the national record. We want as many people as possible to record a ‘blog’ diary which will be stored by the British Library as a historical record of our national life. Head over to the History Matters […]

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History Matters Campaign "Mass Blog" day

The History Matters – Pass It On campaign, which I blogged about in July, are holding an event entitled “One Day in History” on 17th October: A MASS BLOG for the national record. The History Matters campaign has designated October 17 a day for the public to make historic. We have chosen ‘an ordinary’ weekday […]

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History Matters - pass it on

History Matters – pass it on

July sees the launch of the “History Matters – pass it on” campaign, here in the UK. History Matters – pass it on is all about raising awareness of the importance of history in our everyday lives and encouraging involvement in heritage in England and Wales. Our goal is to build public support and interest […]

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Script Error

The Sherborne Missal has had a script error. Oh the irony… The Sherborne Missal is a 15th century illuminated manuscript, and the virtual version is available to browse on a large touch screen in the foyer of the British Library. It allows you to ‘turn’ the pages with your hands, as you would a real […]

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Laddie in Khaki

WWI Postcard Transcription

I have recently introduced a friend and colleague, Kevin Ritchie, to the world of blogs. He caught on straight away and is doing some interesting things with his blog, namely scanning and transcribing his family’s collection of World War One postcards. Here’s an extract: Dear Wife Just a line to thank you for this card. […]

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Archaeologists find western world's oldest map

The Daily Telegraph report that archaeologists in southern Italy have revealed a fragment of teracotta onto which is engraved a map of Apulia, the region at the heel of Italy’s “boot”. Known as the Soleto Map, it is the earliest known map of anywhere in the western world, dating to about 500BC. What is particularly […]

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Medieval Food and Feasting, and the emperor Charlemagne

Tehmina has now written two books, aimed at young adults (but very readable by any age really!). Her first is entitled “Medieval Feasts and Banquets: Food, Drink, and Celebration in the Middle Ages” which gives a great introduction to the subject, and blows away quite a few myths (bones being chucked over shoulders onto sawdust […]

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