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Exhibition reviews on Creative Spaces

I thought about using Past Thinking as the place for exhibition and book reviews on museumy subjects that interest me, but instead I would like to contribute to content creation on Creative Spaces (National Museums Online Learning Project) particularly when the reviews related to items in the nine museum collections it hosts. I have recently […]

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Archaeopix search results

Archaeopix: a Creative Commons archaeology photo search tool

Alun Salt and I have been working on a new website to help simplify the process of finding archaeology and heritage-related photos that have a Creative Commons license attached to them. Without further ado, introducing… Archaeopix! The homepage features a photo of the day, which we hope to update daily. Clicking “Search” on the navigation […]

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Digital Britain and Collections

What role has Culture (capital C) in Digital Britain? And within Culture, what do digitised collections and content mean to the nation? Perhaps more importantly for the sectors involved in cultural provision (such as museums), can digital collections take part in the Digital Economy in a meaningful way? In January 2009, the UK Government produced […]

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New International Heritage and Conservation News blog

It seems like an age ago that I blogged about the use of the web, particularly blogging, to communicate better issues related to heritage conservation, particularly as it is a field in the broader heritage sector which is perhaps most shrouded in mystery. Communication has tended to be aimed purely at the professional with public […]

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Flickr: The Commons (photo by George - )

Historic Photos and Folksonomies

I’ve long been an advocate of folksonomies. It allows the wider community to add knowledge to resources through tags and comments, ultimately making things easier to find. A number of institutions have allowed free tagging of certain resources for a while now, such as the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney, the collective STEVE museum, and of […]

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Survey on the usage of Creative Commons by cultural heritage organisations

A survey is being carried out by the Eduserv Foundation into the use of more open licensing schemes such as Creative Commons by cultural heritage organisations. Jordan Hatcher, formerly a Research Associate at the AHRC Research Centre for studies in Intellectual Property and Technology Law, is leading a study into how open content licences are […]

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Historyscape: new heritage mashup

Alun Salt from ClioAudio has created a new service called Historyscape, which is an RSS feed that grabs user-submitted websites from Netscape which have been tagged with “Ancient”, “Ancient History”, “Archaeology” and “History”. The feed is ordered by the number of votes each item has received. You can subscribe to Historyscape via this RSS feed: […]

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