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What Was Here interface, November 2006

What was here?

This week sees the launch of wants to revolutionise how history is written. Its pilot website in Liverpool tells history like it’s never been told before: by everyone. It doesn’t only tell the capital H history of Liverpool, but the everything-interesting-that-ever-happened-to-the-people-who-actually-live-there history of Liverpool. It’s oral history for the My Space era. Based […]

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Geotagging within Flickr

Flickr does Geotagging

I’m a little slow in reporting this since I’ve been away on holiday, but Flickr have announced that geotagging is now one of their built-in features. This is a great move, since it can be quite daunting if you’re really into knowing (and seeing) where photos were taken, but don’t want to move over to […]

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Zooomr photo sharing

Geotagging Photos: Zooomr

Silbury Hill, Wiltshire Hosted on Zooomr There’s one thing that Flickr doesn’t support natively, and that is the ability to ‘geotag’ photos. In a nutshell, geotagging is just associating spatial data (i.e. a set of coordinates) showing where you took a particular photo (or where the subject is located). You could then see where it […]

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Map Mobbing

A group from OpenStreetMap are gathering en-masse (well, 15 of them) to make a map of all roads and footpaths on the Isle of Wight, UK, which they will then make freely available. MAPPING REVOLUTION TARGETS THE ISLE OF WIGHT This weekend, 5th – 7th May, the Isle of Wight becomes the center of a […]

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