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Archaeopix search results

Archaeopix: a Creative Commons archaeology photo search tool

Alun Salt and I have been working on a new website to help simplify the process of finding archaeology and heritage-related photos that have a Creative Commons license attached to them. Without further ado, introducing… Archaeopix! The homepage features a photo of the day, which we hope to update daily. Clicking “Search” on the navigation […]

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Sandvox Screenshot

Sandvox: Easy website creation for the Mac

Karelia have just released their first public beta of the long-awaited Sandvox website creation software, ahead of recent rumours that Apple releasing similar software entitled “iWeb” tomorrow, which could (well, will) threaten their new venture. For their sake, I hope the rumours are untrue. Karelia have been shot down once before when Apple, who developed […]

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Apple Mac Wikis

A number of Apple Mac wikis appear to be cropping up. The first one that I came across is Wikitosh which hopes to be a repository for everything you ever wanted to know about the Apple Mac platform, from todays Macs and OSX, back to information about machines from days gone by (computer archaeology?!). Wikitosh […]

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Apple updates OSX to 10.4.3

For those lucky Mac users across the globe – 10.4.3 should appear in your software update list as of today (well, depending which side of the International Date Line you are). I installed it on my PowerBook this afternoon, and all was fine, except once major issue. The update had deleted my monitor calibration files. […]

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Karelia Software are soon to be releasing a novel new app for designing websites, that levers the best of Tiger’s new technologies such as CoreImage and the newly open-sourced WebKit.

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Apple and Intel

Apple announced at the WWDC conference on Monday 6 June that it would be using Intel CPUs in forthcoming Macintosh computers from 2006. How might this affect the future of the Mac and OSX?

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