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Spring 2005 CSA Newsletter

The new Computer Technologies for Archaeologists & Architectural Historians newsletter from the Centre for the Study of Architecture/Archaeology (CSA) is now online. The US-based newsletter provides articles on current developments in archaeological computing.

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OSX 10.4 Tiger – it's installed

I installed Tiger on Monday, and I have to say it does live up to the hype. I backed up my system and opted for the “Upgrade” option rather than format and install or archive and install (essentially copying my old system into a folder in case you ever have to revert back to it). […]

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welcome to

This is the personal website of Thomas Goskar, an archaeologist specialising in the application of computing to the past. Some of my interests which I will cover from time to time on this site include Iron Age Britain, 3D visualisation, web technologies, laser scanning, and multimedia applications. All specific to archaeology. If you have arrived […]

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