Past Past Thinking?

Past Thinking was my first blog, way back in 2005. Eventually I decided to focus on posts relating to archaeology and wider heritage issues, splitting off my personal posts to my own blog. I began contributing to many other sites, and running some for other people and organisations. Then along came social media. My blogging-fu was spread too thinly.

Since become freelance in 2012, as I’ve traded under my own name I’ve focussed on my own website as people tend to look me up to see what I’ve been up to. Consequently Past Thinking, close to a decade old, has been rather ignored this past few years. The Archaeology Blogs section remains popular, with a couple of additions each month, but that’s about it.

Tehmina and I are thinking about migrating posts that we’re fond of to our own sites and retiring Past Thinking. Would you miss it?


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