Archaeology featured on technology blog Gizmodo

It has long been part of my philosophy that archaeology needs to communicate what it does and what it finds out to the widest possible audiences. It must do this to stay relevant in popular society so that people continue to care about the past, and so that there can still be an archaeological profession to help understand and record it. As archaeologists we have a moral duty to disseminate as widely as possible.

So it is very heartening to see that top-ranking technology blog Gizmodo have a feature on archaeology. In the post Lasers, Drones, and Future Tech on the Front Lines of Archaeology, Gizmodo ask archaeologist James Newhard about the use of technology in the course of his work. He discussed 3D capture, drones, Reflectance Transformation Imaging (RTI), and does a bit of blue-sky thinking about where the technology could go in the future.

As James points out on his blog, Gizmodo are featuring several articles on archaeology as part of the International Archaeology Day organised by the Archaeological Institute of America.

Read  Lasers, Drones, and Future Tech on the Front Lines of Archaeology, follow Jim Newhard on Twitter or read his blog.

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