Day of Archaeology 2012

This year I once again helped to organise the Day of Archaeology, an online event that features blog posts from archaeologists around the world to highlight our work in our own words. One of the aims of the Day of Archaeology is to show how exciting and relevant archaeology is to us all, by showing the world what we get up to in our day to day lives as archaeologists.

This year (2012) we have had well over 700 contributors signed up and as I type this at 11.30pm we are receiving over 30 visits to the site per minute, which is pretty good going. Some high profile people on Twitter have tweeted about the DoA and our website, so public awareness of the project is growing by the hour. This is good for archaeology.

My humble contribution about what I did during the Day of Archaeology is published on the website, entitled “Enhancing worn inscriptions and the Day of Archaeology 2012“.

Head over to the Day of Archaeology website and explore what archaeologists the world over have been up to.

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