All Change

I have been rather quiet on the blogging front lately. Largely this has been driven by a series of moves, physically, and career-wise. Firstly, after many years of planning, I have now moved to west Cornwall,which is, in my opinion, one of the most beautiful parts of the UK, as well as one of the most archaeologically rich. Secondly, I have now left Wessex Archaeology after ten years, and have been spending my time settling in down here, and supervising the renovation of parts of our house. I am setting myself up as an independent archaeologist, focussing on digital heritage projects.

Cornwall has an excellent archaeological community, and I am gradually getting to know fellow archaeologists, and the many archaeology groups in the area. I have had the opportunity to have some splendid walks from Penzance, where within just a few hours it is possible to stroll past 19th century mine workings, early Medieval inscribed stones, Iron Age settlements, and Bronze Age field systems which are still in use, and stone circles. All with some of the most breathtaking views.

We are also very lucky to have an independent library in Penzance, the Morrab Library, of which I am a great fan. It is an incredible resource for west Cornwall, and I look forward to doing plenty of research of my own, and possibly even some fieldwork!

So, I will leave you with a photo of the enigmatic Mên-an-Tol (whose purpose remains unknown), from a recent stroll along the moorland paths to give you a taste of west Cornwall’s amazing archaeology. So, expect a bit more from me soon…

Men an Tol

Men an Tol – the ‘Holed Stone’



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