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Friday 29th July 2011 was the Day of Archaeology, an international online event organised by a group of like-minded archaeologists, as part of the Council for British Archaeology’s Festival of British Archaeology.

The idea behind the event was to showcase the sheer variety of work that archaeologists do in their jobs, to help highlight how interesting, important and relevant archaeology can be to everyone. We would gather as many archaeologists as possible from around the world to submit a journal entry detailing what they were doing on the 29th, and publish them via our website.

Calls for participation were circulated a few months before the event, and contributors were accepted right up until the day itself. Four hundred and thirty eight archaeologists signed up to document their day. At the time of writing, we have four hundred and twenty posts on the website. Nearly seven thousand people have visited the website since the Day itself.

The team of seven, Lorna Richardson, Matthew Law, Dan Pett, Tom Goskar, Stuart Eve, Jess Ogden and Andrew Dufton, organised the Day of Archaeology via social networking websites, email, and live video conferencing via Google Plus, and plan to run the event again in 2012.

The sheer diversity of entries was incredible, making a summary of them impossible. Explore them for yourself on the Day of Archaeology website, or read my entry on the site “Archaeology on the Web“, which was written at about 6pm on the Day itself.

(this post was originally written by me for the IfA’s Members’ Bulletin, and is reproduced here, with a few minor edits, for posterity)

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