Past Thinking moves server and house

Past Thinking has just moved to a new server. Please excuse us as we re-set the site back up.

The reason for the move is because we had been hacked, and search results for posts on this site showed up as pharmaceutical adverts. For those interested, it was the WordPress “Pharma Hack“, and it proved very hard to remove, not matching any of the patterns that have previously been discussed.

This being my first foray into WordPress back in early 2005, the database had grown in size, full of the remains of old plugins, not to mention entries left over from the exploit. So I decided to export the posts in the WordPress XML format, and restart the database from simply the words Tehmina and I have written, on our own new server (no more shared hosting!).

As well as moving to Wales, we haven’t had much time for Past Thinking, so here’s hoping that a new home for both us and the website will result in a lot more blogging!

Swansea Observatory at dusk

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