lamusediffuse – Libya and the social web

I was recently sent information about a project called “lamusediffuse“, an interesting project which aims to increase global awareness of Libyan museums and their collections via the web.

lamusediffuse proposes the use of Social Web tools for the inclusion of not-dominant cultural expressions in the scopes of culture diffusion on the Internet. Accordingly with this objective, the project “Museums in Libya” is focused on two starting facts, the first is the lack of information about Libyan museums available in the website of the International Council of African Museums (AFRICOM) and the second is the apparent lack of museum websites in this country.

Their approach seems pretty much spot on to me. Set up and carefully tend Flickr and accounts, blog (about the phenomenon of interacting with museums using the social web), have a wiki, publish presentations on Slideshare.

I hope that this approach works well for them – it will be an interesting experiment to see if they can lift their museums from relative obscurity. I’ll certainly try and keep up with their project – it’s exactly the kind of approach that I evangelise about.

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  1. lamusediffuse 8 December, 2007 at 12:46 pm #

    Thank you so much for your support and nice words. We continue with the project "Museums in Libya 2.0" getting very good images and developing the information. Also we have started another project called Museum of Iraq 2.0 on Iraqi art, artifacts and cultural heritage disseminated in collections from all over the world trying to gather the art works which belonged to the looted National Museum of Iraq in Baghdad or are part of the Iraqi Heritage and currently belong to other museums’ collections.

    Your collaboration will be more than welcome!