Museum of London Online

The Museum of London have been doing some great stuff with their website recently, including an upcoming events RSS feed, and the Google Maps powered Map My London where you can record your own memories in London, and where they are of.

Mia has also pointed out that there is now a Museum of London Flickr group as the museum now permits photography. It’s great to see this happening – museums opening up, and encouraging interaction. The Museum’s ‘official’ Flickr account (MoL_Learning – “Molly“) is also well worth a look.

Latest 2 events at the Museum of London (live from their RSS feed):


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  1. Jeremy 24 October, 2007 at 12:37 pm #

    Hi Tom, thanks for this, sorry I didn’t spot it until now! I just saw from the Feedburner stats that the events feed you consume here had brought a couple of people to our site so I thought I’d investigate. You’re very kind about us, we try to do some slightly innovative things but I’m only too aware of where we fall short in some of the basics. Look out for the microformats, too, and stuff like embedded google calendar buttons on events pages, or links to FindInALibrary on the MoLAS publications pages (as soon as they get around to signing it off).
    You set the bar for archaeology, though, keep it up. And tell Ken Lymer to get some work done (assuming he’s started now?)


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