Web 2.0: The Machine is Us/ing Us

[UPDATE] John Battelle has posted an interview with Michael Wesch, who has agreed to answer questions in the blog’s comments section.

Tony Gill on the Museums Computer Group email list, pointed out a video that covers the major issues that come under the ‘Web 2.0’ umbrella. It puts a lot of today’s issues in context by providing a short history of semantics on the web, and was put created by Michael Wesch, of Kansas State University. Interestingly, he is an assistant professor of anthropology, as opposed to a computer scientist, which is why I think that his interpretation is quite unique.

It is a thought provoking video, accompanied by some suitably electronic music, and well worth the 5 minutes that it lasts.

And when you have finished watching the video, head over to Wesch’s Digital Ethnography website to see some of the reactions, and even video responses. This is a fascinating project to watch.


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