National Museums Liverpool Blog

A superb example of how blogging can work for a museum (or any heritage organisation), is exemplified by the National Museums Liverpool blog.

I visited it a while ago, when it was first set up, hoping that it would be successful. I’m always pleased to see bold experiments with technology in the heritage sector. I couldn’t remember exactly when the blog started (March 2006), so I flicked back in time using the calendar at the top right of the page. Days where content was posted are coloured orange, and I was very impressed to see that this was at worst one post per week. Some weeks went by with a post every day. Great work!

I had a quick look at their blog rank in Technorati, and they’re doing rather well at 148,150, with 269 inbound links from 26 blogs. That’s soon to be slightly increased after I post this..

They even have an account on Flickr.

I wonder when they will become bold enough to enable comments though?

Links: National Museums Liverpool Blog, National Museums Liverpool Flickr Photos

2 Responses to National Museums Liverpool Blog

  1. Alex S 22 February, 2008 at 8:02 pm #

    I found the blog very useful myself.

    While it is not one of the easiest to use blogs (personally I do not like its format), it is a very useful one. It is at utmost importance for museums to have up to date information, especially this year when Liverpool is the European Capital of Culture.



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