Visualising the past

One of the 3D animations I’ve been working on at Wessex Archaeology is now available online with an introduction to the project. It’s been along time in the making, and like any archaeological reconstruction/visualisation, it’ll never be perfect.

So click the movie above (hosted on the rather excellent and delve back in time 8000 years ago into a Mesolithic landscape that’s now 8 miles off the southern coast of the UK, and up to 30 metres under the sea.

Link: Visualising the past in 3D: The River Arun (Wessex Archaeology)

5 Responses to Visualising the past

  1. Kelvin Wilson 17 December, 2006 at 8:10 pm #

    I saw a preview over a year ago, at a conference in Amsterdam I helped organise, and then- already- knew this was the one, well, ‘step forward’ to watch out for…
    It is not mean feat, I can tell, how you have made this, Tom- and no mean feat, I’ll tell you, to have impressed mé so much.

    Very, very good indeed 🙂

    Best wishes– Kelvin Wilson, archaeological reconstruction artist working in the Netherlands

  2. Tom 17 December, 2006 at 9:49 pm #

    Thankyou Kelvin! It’s an accolade indeed coming from a reconstruction artist of your caliber 🙂

    If you would like to know any precise details, please do email me.



  3. Henrik 5 January, 2007 at 10:53 am #

    Hi Tom
    Lot’s of nice ‘hidden’ details there, the fowl, berries; a furry pig and most notably the different kinds of plants. It is nice for once to see that someone has actually taken the pain to get the trees and plants right. Bet it’s been a lot of hours modelling the woods, eh? I like the way the commentary makes the thing come alive and I very much enjoyed the film!


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