One Day in History

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‘One Day in History’ is a one off opportunity for you to join in a mass blog for the national record. We want as many people as possible to record a ‘blog’ diary which will be stored by the British Library as a historical record of our national life.

Head over to the History Matters – Pass It On campaign website to contribute to a one day “blog” which will be lodged in the British Library.


One Response to One Day in History

  1. F.J.B 17 October, 2006 at 7:29 pm #

    Breakfast in bed fruit and yogurt
    Ordered some Christmas gifts from cat.
    Had a shower.
    Phoned daughter in Zurich.
    Dressed went to carpet shop to see samples, only had one.
    Bus to town
    Met a Friend who announced she was going to be a Granny.
    Her other daughter’s boss has just won Nobel prize for medicine.
    I worked as guide in Tenement House, Glasow.
    Met by husband and two grandaughters
    Home to games in our hall and chilli made by husband and Number One grandaughter.
    Walked the girls up to their house.
    Their Dad came home and we had a Pop concert!!!!
    Walked back home and read about this Blog and wrote this.
    Actually quite a great day!