Science Museum web development blog

The New Media group at London’s Science Museum have begun blogging. Currently, they are covering the progress of their upcoming website redesign, as well as handy extra features that they are implementing around their extensive website.

It’s always nice to see a little of what happens ‘behind the scenes’ and learn about the decisions (and techniques) used by a national museum to communicate their collections. I’m fascinated by the deconstruction of their own website as it stands – it’s good food for thought for the ones that I run. We can all learn from each other…


2 Responses to Science Museum web development blog

  1. Frankie Roberto 19 September, 2006 at 2:06 pm #

    Hey, thanks for the link.

    We’ll continue to write about our website redesign and restructure over the coming months – it’s a major project!



  1. Portable Antiquities Blog - 19 September, 2006

    Blogging in the Museum sector and development…

    I’ve been looking around for Museum sector blogs for a while, just to see if there’s much to be learnt from, what standards are being employed etc.