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I’ve just been having a look at the statistics for to get an idea of whether anyone is actually reading this, and the results are surprising. Web professionals know that putting an exact figure on the amount of people who have visited (either once or repeatedly) is tricky to get right, and that is backed up by my experience elsewhere. For that website, I use 3 statistical packages to monitor and log visitor information (SmarterStats, UrchinStats, and Google Analytics), and they all give wildly different results.

Although I use Google Analytics on, I rarely look at it, as I prefer the simplicity of Analog, an open source and refreshingly basic website statistics application. I prefer to go on successful page requests rather than the hazy and often misused “hits” or “unique visitors”.

Last month (July 2006), Past Thinking served out over 35,000 pages of information, which, for a humble heritage-computing blog isn’t bad at all.

Past Thinking statistics for July 2006

What are people using to browse this blog? Well, for a change, thankfully IE isn’t the dominant force here:

Browsers - IE isn't dominant here!

If you combine the open source browsers, they outnumber Internet Exploiter by a nice margin. It’s interesting to see Google’s feedfetcher making an appearance, but still not matched by the frequency of Technoratibot.

More analyses soon – perhaps some comparisons with those from Google Analytic.

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