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Silbury Hill, Wiltshire
Silbury Hill, Wiltshire
Hosted on Zooomr

There’s one thing that Flickr doesn’t support natively, and that is the ability to ‘geotag’ photos. In a nutshell, geotagging is just associating spatial data (i.e. a set of coordinates) showing where you took a particular photo (or where the subject is located). You could then see where it was taken on a map, or browse photos via a mapping service such as Google Maps.

A number of determined people have written hacks to get geotagging into Flickr. But these often use a plugin for Firefox called Greasemonkey, and a further set of scripts to build in the functionality into your photo pages. If you’re not technically minded, it’s not easy to do, and I think that most people will be put off by this approach.

If you do use extensions such as GMiF, coordinates are stored in with your tags, so your tag lists will eventually become cluttered with tags such as “geotagged” and “geo:lat=51.519606” etc. It’s not very elegant, but it does work.

Zooomr photo sharing
Step in Zooomr.

Zooomr have built geotagging right into the heart of the system, with elegance. Your geotags are nicely hidden away (but still accessible). Viewing where photos were taken, or simply browsing photos by location on a map are all built-in, and very easy to use. Not to mention kind to the eyes.

Zooomr doesn’t yet have the community aspect that Flickr does. Community is what makes Flickr so brilliant, and it is now very well established. I think that startups like Zooomr fill a nice gap at the moment, and help to keep giants like Flickr innovating and on their toes.

Good luck Zooomr!

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4 Responses to Geotagging Photos: Zooomr

  1. Kristopher Tate 18 July, 2006 at 2:37 pm #

    Hi there and thanks for posting Zooomr!

    I suppose I’ve tried to make sure that geotagging is as simple and easy as possible. Though, in regard to community, we’re steadfast on building community systems into the whole picture.

    Flickr does a good job, but there is just sooo much more than can be done when you look at it.

    Looking forward to showing it to you and others.


    Kristopher Tate

  2. Tom 18 July, 2006 at 3:10 pm #

    Thanks for responding Kristopher – it’s encouraging to know that a) you’re managing to run Zooomr and still reply personally on people’s blogs, and b) that community tools are on there way. This is great news.

    On a social level, people are tied to places, not just on a physical level – but memories of places, and pictures are memories in a way. To be able to tie the two together in a natural way is certainly the way forward, especially since GPS is beginning to appear in digital cameras now.

    Keep it up! 🙂

  3. Paul 28 July, 2006 at 1:30 pm #

    That’s the way forward; gps feeding straight into a camera. I like the idea of geotagging but in practice, it’s a bit of a pain. There are fields within the exif metadata standard for location, so why not use them and automatically populate them from a gps unit…? Ideal solution 🙂



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