Stonehenge pocket watch

Stonehenge Pocketwatch

Today, Boing Boing published a timely mention of a Stonehenge pocket watch, available from Think Geek.

As they say, it’s the ultimate analogue watch, and that Stonehenge was probably built by the ancient ancestors of modern geeks 🙂

The knowledgable ones among you will notice that this watch lacks some of the “major components of the 5,000 year-old megalithic monument” that they claim it replicates – lintels. There are no trilithons on this watch, according to the picture. If I’d have bought one without seeing it I’d want my money back!

Still, it looks like fun, and it has an analogue watch on the back so you can pretent to tell the time from the ‘stones’ whilst looking at a modern clock on the back.

Ideal for geek druids across the whole of the northern hemisphere.

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