On Boundaries

Just a quick note to alert people to a new blog called “On Boundaries“. It’s run by a duo consisting of a theoretical physicist (reivers) and a medieval scholar (gesta), who will use the blog to explore the boundaries that are arbitrarily drawn between the two approaches to understanding the world.

There’s not much on there at the moment, but I love the idea of people teaming up to look at interactions between such different subject areas. How different are they really?

The point of the title reflects the differences between the authors. reivers is a scientist, of very theoretical bent. gesta is a medievalist, perfectly happy with the description of “mathematically challenged”. It’s often said that there is a boundary or a dividing line between the two approaches. We shall see how much it comes across. More importantly, I hope that we’ll see how much of that boundary is really artificial.

From: http://border.wordpress.com/2006/06/11/beginning/

Good luck to them, I for one will stay subscribed and see what happens…

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