St George's Day

Today (23rd April) is St George’s Day here in England. St George is the patron saint of England – but his feast day is not widely celebrated across England. That is, or course, you live in the cathedral city of Salisbury, where the they have a long tradition of celebrating his day in a big way.

Rather than write endless descriptions of the day, I set out with a camera to capture what was to be a quintessentially English day out. There is now a set on Flickr, should anyone be interested in what country towns get up to when they want to celebrate something (or someone)!

For basic info on St George and his feast day go to

For the long-winded version, there is of course the entry for St George on Wikipedia.

Being Cornish (and proud, me ‘ansome), I think it’s great to celebrate your identity and your country. I think that St George’s Day has been avoided on the whole because of the appropriation of the flag (amongst other things) by the National Front, and it became linked with racism. I think it is time to reclaim St George’s Day as the wholesome celebration that it once was of national pride, and celebrating the country that we live in.

St Patrick’s Day, anyone?

In Cornwall, you’ll see the flag of St Piran (Cornwall’s patron saint) flying everywhere from the borders of the Tamar to Land’s End. There are big events to celebrate “Cornishness” not just on St Piran’s Day (5th March), but throughout the year. It’s healthy, it’s fun, it fosters good community relations. And it doesn’t exclude people who aren’t Cornish!

After experiencing St George’s Day in Salisbury, here’s to more places celebrating it!

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