Sandvox: Easy website creation for the Mac

Karelia have just released their first public beta of the long-awaited Sandvox website creation software, ahead of recent rumours that Apple releasing similar software entitled “iWeb” tomorrow, which could (well, will) threaten their new venture. For their sake, I hope the rumours are untrue. Karelia have been shot down once before when Apple, who developed a clone of their popular “Watson” internet search software, by developing their own, entitled “Sherlock“, and gave it away for free. The full story is available on their blog.

To return to the release of Sandvox, I have had a brief play with it, and if you’re a Mac user and run a small website you must give it a go. This is the closest piece of web design software to WYSIWYG nirvana that I have seen. It uses Apple’s editable WebKit, and CoreImage, to great effect – no ‘blind’ preview pages with cumbersome preview stages, but pure in-place editing. The supplied templates contain some elegant designs as well as some awful ones – but that’s just down to personal taste.

Sandvox Screenshot

Bear in mind that this is a beta, and there are no instructions bar a basic introduction, but do go ahead and download it. Give them your support!

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