Podzinger: Searching Podcast Content

PodzingerI have just found out about Podzinger, a new service that utilises voice recognition technologies to index the actual audio content of podcasts. It essentially transcribes your podcast, which is amazing. Their search interface is simple and uncluttered, and search results allow you to listen to the podcast right on the page.
They are even offering a service where people can search your podcast from your website.

Podzinger’s speech recognition software is powered by BBN Technologies, who have apparently been in the game for 30 years.

PODZINGER looks inside podcasts, not just the metadata, letting you search podcasts in the same way that you search for anything else on the web.

I’ve just added the Archaeocast feed to Podzinger to see how well it copes with speech that has background noise. But from a quick scoot about searching for random things in random podcasts, it looks most promising.

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