Thud! Terry Pratchett's latest Discworld adventure

I have just finished reading Terry Pratchett’s latest Discworld novel “Thud!”. I have been reading the Pratchett for about 17 years now, and whilst I’m a big fan, some of the more recent offerings, such as “Monstrous Regiment” have been a little lacklustre (why did it have such a predictable ending?!).

“Going Postal” was much better, a cracking read. But “Thud!”, on the other hand, is simply superb. It is one of the most intelligent and enjoyable social commentary novels that I’ve ever read. We find ourselves once again in Ankh Morpork, with Commander Sam Vimes of the city Watch, who is trying to stop the impending conflict between the dwarfs and the trolls. The ancient animosity between them was sparked by an event known as “Koom Valley” where the dwarfs ambushed the trolls. Or, on the other hand, the trolls ambushed the dwarfs. The anniversary of this event is fast approaching, and dwarf extremists (“deep-downers”) descend upon Ankh Morpork, stirring up anti-troll feelings amongst the city’s large dwarf population.

And then one of the “grags” (dwarf spiritual figureheads) is murdered. And a troll’s club is found at the scene of the murder. And Koom Valley day approaches… Ankh Morpork is reaching boiling point…

There are spies, drugs, excessive shiny armour (“clang”!), caves, vampires, troll godfathers, corrosive alcoholic drinks, and of course…

Where’s My Cow?

Terry Pratchett is on top form in this novel. He writes exceptionally well, weaving the storylines together into an addictive and highly entertaining read. If you haven’t read Pratchett for a few years because of a disappointing Discworld book – I urge you to reconsider!

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