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Apple-Logo-2A number of Apple Mac wikis appear to be cropping up. The first one that I came across is Wikitosh which hopes to be a repository for everything you ever wanted to know about the Apple Mac platform, from todays Macs and OSX, back to information about machines from days gone by (computer archaeology?!).

Wikitosh has information of varying quality. One fantastic example is the section on Apple’s industrial design – “Jonathan Ive RULES at industrial Design!!” – is the sole entry. For some reason they have some odd conventions. Software is named SoftWare. Hardware is HardWare. I don’t like that one bit. Wikitosh has a long way to go before it becomes a mature source of information – and that, of course, is up to (literate) people contributing to and self-moderating it.

The second Mac Wiki is Mac Guides, which was recently set up by Mac Rumors, the popular Mac news and rumours website. Rather than being over-ambitious, Mac Guides aims to “provide an organized outlet for the vast amounts of knowledge that are provided in the forums“. That means tutorials, solutions to common problems etc. This could help with the problem of repetition, and useful information becoming buried in their burgeoning (but extremely useful) forums.

Keep your eyes on both – and remember to contribute something useful to help build a resource which benfits all Mac users.

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