Apple updates OSX to 10.4.3

For those lucky Mac users across the globe – 10.4.3 should appear in your software update list as of today (well, depending which side of the International Date Line you are).

I installed it on my PowerBook this afternoon, and all was fine, except once major issue. The update had deleted my monitor calibration files. I was stuck with the message “The factory profile for the display could not be found” when I tried to recalibrate, and everything was horribly bright, washed out, with a purple cast.

I restarted (cue sharp intake of breath) twice, and it seemed to then magically reincarnate my monitor profiles, and all is well again.

So – moral of the day for people experiencing odd behaviour on their Macs after installing the OSX 10.4.3 update – restart. If that doesn’t work, restart again…

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