Google Blog Search

Google have just launched their beta blog search tool.

It seems to work quite efficiently, listing at the time of writing, this blog as the 4th result on a search for the word “archaeology”. My previous post, on archaeology podcasts, talked about the Wessex Archaeology events blog, which is as of 2pm today, is the top hit on the same keyword.

It will be interesting to see how quickly the Google Blog Search will index posts – and it will be equally interesting to see how Technorati react. Technorati generally manages to crawl this site within about 10 minutes of posting.

The Google Blog search does currently not have the ability to search tags at present, nor does it offer the personalised service provided by Technorati (custom feeds for tags and keywords, claiming a blog etc).

Will we be pinging Google in the near future, as an update service? It’ll be an interesting one to watch…

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