PodcastConUK 2005

Podcasting is a phenomenon which is still, technically, in its infancy. The release of iTunes 4.9 in July gave podcasting a huge boost, putting the tools to subscribe to ‘casts straight into the hands of anyone and everyone.

The quality of podcasts out there varies tremendously. More and more people are learning how to create them, and how simple they can be – simply an mp3 file enclosure to an RSS feed. Podcasting is also working the other way by educating the masses about RSS and blogging.

These are heady days in the world of internet publishing, and in the United Kingdon, we like to do our bit. The first podcasting conference in the UK, PodcastConUK, to be held on Saturday 17 September in London, is going to be an exciting opportunity for podcasters and podcast listeners alike.

I shall probably be the only archaeologist attending (and yes, we have some archaeology podcasts up our sleeves..)!

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  1. UK Podcasting Conference: PodcastConUK 2006 at Past Thinking - 15 October, 2006

    […] This year, PodcastConUK will be held on Saturday 18 November 2006 at CCT Smithfield, London. If you’re in to podcasting – either as a listener or a producer, I urge you to go. I went last year, and I can’t say how useful and interesting it was. Needless to say, I’ll be there this year too. […]