Stonehenge, Summer Solstice 2004
Originally uploaded by chough.

I have known about Flickr for some years now, and have finally decided to take the plunge and sign up for an account. It’s a marvellous system – really well thought out; intuitive and easy to use.

I am very impressed by the RSS feeds, and the ability to post pictures from a cameraphone by email. There’s even an iPhoto plugin for uploading to Flickr, as well as a standalone OSX uploader.

Incidentally, I’m posting this entry from within my Flickr account…

This is going to be fun – Tehm and I have over 6,000 photos..! The pic attached here (hopefully) was taken with my Nokia 6600 at the Summer Solstice party at Stonehenge in 2004.

You can see my (currently diminutive) photoblog on Flickr at

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