Archaeoptics – 3D Laser Scanning

I have been involved with the redesign of the Archaeoptics website, where you can catch up on the latest high-tech developments and projects in the world of 3D laser scanning in archaeology.

Archaeoptics have worked on some incredible projects, producing accurate 3D models of everything from tiny prehistoric flint arrowheads to entire stone circles such as Callanish on the Isle of Lewis. I have worked with Archaeoptics on the Stonehenge laser scan pilot back in 2002/2003.

Archaeoptics Website Jul05
Their website has news of their latest projects, often with images of the 3D data and on-site photographs. They provide coordinate conversion tools, downloadable GPS waypoints, copies of papers given at conferences, and even some 3D models to download.

It is regularly updated, and if you are interested in technology and history, this site is the ultimate combination!

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