Glastonbury Festival Washout

Each year I think about going to Glastonbury Festival. Each year I spectacularly manage to forget all about it and find out that tickets sold out within hours of becoming available, a week previously…

Each year, there seems to be the threat of rain or some other extreme weather, and this year is no exception. A friend forwarded me a picture from Getty Images of some tents washing away – it looks terrible.

Read the BBC’s coverage of the floods at Glastonbury Festival 2005.

Perhaps some entrepreneur will come up with the ultimate in sleeping comfort for the next (2007) festival – inflatable tents…

One Response to Glastonbury Festival Washout

  1. Non of the Above 19 July, 2005 at 12:06 am #

    You’d love it Tom. Plenty of folks on their hands & knees in mud looking for stuff.