Karelia Software are soon to be releasing a novel new app for designing websites, that levers the best of Tiger’s new technologies such as CoreImage and the newly open-sourced WebKit. It is slated for release during Q3 2005, and will feature drag and drop assembly from other applications, easy publishing, RSS generation and an extensible plugin architecture.

Although the app has yet to ship, and the only screenshot is half-covered with sand (!), it has great potential by my book. I’m slowly getting fed up with overly complex applications, when I want to focus on content (in terms of web publishing).

The Karelia homepage has been designed using Sandvox, and a quick look at the code shows it to be XHTML Transitional, but a quick check on shows that it doesn’t yet produce valid code. To be fair, it is plainly stated that Sandvox is still in the alpha stage, and it will be beta tested, so they should be able to iron out minor bugs before release.

I have had a look at RapidWeaver, but I found that it was far too limiting in many ways, and not very efficient (every page has to go in a new directory, with copies of the navigation images). There wasn’t any image resizing, and rich text was a bit awkward. I played about with the demo for a few hours, and didn’t get a good feel out of it. I’ll watch Sandvox closely – they are after all the same people who produced Watson, a well respected program in its day, and they have a deep understanding of how Mac programs should work.

If you own a Mac running Tiger, keep your eye on this one!

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