The Framley Examiner

Britain’s best-loved newspaper, the Framley Examiner has just seen an update to the website, with a whole 8 new pages. This was due to “The Framley Examiner team apologises for the delay in our Christmas 2004 update. This was due to the enforced maternity leave of Pete who knows how to work the scanner”. It also has details about a possible new book entitiled “Bollocks to Alton Towers – Uncommonly British Days Out”. If you’ve ever read “The Framley Examiner” or “Historic Framley“, no doubt this will be a must. If it’s real..!

One Response to The Framley Examiner

  1. Graham Tait 29 May, 2005 at 11:21 pm #

    “Bollocks to Alton Towers – Uncommonly British Days Out” (see is a great read. As someone who vividly remembers the thrill of going to the Cumberland Pencil Museum as a child, it made me want to visit other fabulous British ‘attractions’. Who’s up for going to Barometer World then?