Weblog Editors: Ecto

Ecto is another visual weblog editor, and from a cursory look has more features than MarsEdit. I’m typing this now in Ecto, and whilst not as WYSIWYG as BlogJet on Windows, it’s not too bad. It features integration with iPhoto, iTunes, Amazon, supports file enclosures (a la Podcasting), previous posts, categorisation, image uploading, trackbacks… See their website for a full feature list.

Like MarsEdit, there are lots of disparate windows which have to be open. I wonder why a nice tabbed environment hasn’t been considered, or a 3 or 4 pane view such as that in NetNewsWire (where you can tab through open articles). Still, when you’ve figured out how to add a hyperlink (it’s the tiny chain hidden at the bottom left of the posting window), it’s more than satisfactory.

From this cursory look at Ecto and MarsEdit, I think that I shall plump for Ecto. This is because Ecto wins hands down on features, and the development blog is very informative, giving sneak previews into upcoming features. When Mac OSX 10.4 Tiger was released, Adriaan, the author of Ecto, provided a series of Automator workflows (which I have yet to play with), and promises a Dashboard widget. What a great incentive…

And Ecto is just over £10, while MarsEdit is going to be about £15 (US $25). MarsEdit may have a nice icon, but I think that it has a way to go before it reaches the level of functionality that Ecto has.


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