Weblog Editors: MarsEdit 1.0

marseditIconLarge.pngI am currently testing the use of MarsEdit, by those clever folks at http://www.ranchero.com. It’s Mac only, and very well designed. It allows you to easily post to your blog, but is still rather clunky in that images have to be uploaded, then an HTML string inserted into your post. Other than editing it by hand, there is no way of specifying an alt tag for the image that I have found, so it’s not yet as WYSIWYG as Ecto. I’ll continue though, as it looks like there’s a lot of potential in it. NetNewsWire is a great RSS reader, also written by Ranchero, and integrates with MarsEdit. Watch this space…

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  1. Tom 10 May, 2005 at 3:18 pm #

    I’ve just found the “Live Preview” pane in MarsEdit, so you can see roughly what your post will look like when you upload. While this is good, it means that you have lots of clutter – one window for your blog control, one for a new post, one for an image upload, and one for a live preview. It’s very unlike the well-polished NetNewsWire, which I’m using in the version 2 beta.


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    […] Ecto is a mature, stable blogging client. It has enough features to make is powerful, but designed in such a way that is isn’t daunting to use. I still haven’t read the manual (I will get around to it at some point!), which demonstrates how intuitive it is. It is quite obvious (to me, at least) how to perform most of the tasks that I need to do. I have tested MarsEdit, but found that it lacked many of the features of ecto, a little more ‘clunky’ to use, and more expensive. The only thing I liked about MarsEdit over ecto was its icons […]