OSX 10.4 Tiger – it's installed

I installed Tiger on Monday, and I have to say it does live up to the hype.

I backed up my system and opted for the “Upgrade” option rather than format and install or archive and install (essentially copying my old system into a folder in case you ever have to revert back to it). I backed up everything onto a stack of DVDs (which I should have done a long time ago), and took the plunge.

Installation took about 40 minutes, and worked perfectly. The one thing I did change during the installation, was to customise the install. This allows one to stop OSX installing the default suite of printer drivers. All 1Gb of them. That’s right – 1Gb of printer drivers, and not one of them was for my Samsung laser printer! 1Gb of drivers that I’ll never use, 1Gb of wasted space.

When OSX 10.4 booted for the first time, it was immediately apparent that all of my settings had been preserved, thankfully, so my system was up and running, and ready to be used.

Everything works as expected, and I’ve found Dashboard to be incredibly useful. I can even post to this blog via a simple ‘widget’. Push F12, bang, there’s the Dashboard, type some stuff into Dashblog, hit “Post”, hit F12, bang – it’s gone. That’s impressive, damned useful. I’ve even got Tetris on the Dashboard 🙂

Spotlight took a good few hours to index my system, and it won’t let you use it while indexing. This is to be expected given the amount of files on my hard drive. The way you can view images as a contact sheet or full screen slideshow is a nice touch.

I’ll post more of my experiences here as I go along. Meantime, if you’re reading this and would like some tips, head along to macosxhints.com.

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