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Goskar coat of Arms

Coat of Arms

Ken, a good friend of mine, and one of the most talented artists I know, has painted a wonderful watercolour of the Goskar coat of arms. The description came from Burke’s General Armoury (available in most larger libraries in the UK), where thousands of family coats of arms are described in heraldic terminology. I’m not […]

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WordPress RSS Woes

For those of you who are new to the world of Blogging, it is a form of personal web publishing, allowing people to easily post information and comment about whatever they please. This blog is powered by a web application called WordPress, a fantastic system (although not for someone who is not familiar with the […]

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BBC Backstage

The BBC have recently launched a service called BBC Backstage, a service which encourages people to use BBC content in their own way using RSS feeds and an API. attempts to encourage and support those who have provided most of the innovation on the inernet – the passionate, highly-skilled & public-spirited developers and designers […]

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The Framley Examiner

Britain’s best-loved newspaper, the Framley Examiner has just seen an update to the website, with a whole 8 new pages. This was due to “The Framley Examiner team apologises for the delay in our Christmas 2004 update. This was due to the enforced maternity leave of Pete who knows how to work the scanner”. It […]

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Weblog Editors: MarsEdit 1.0

I am currently testing the use of MarsEdit, by those clever folks at It’s Mac only, and very well designed. It allows you to easily post to your blog, but is still rather clunky in that images have to be uploaded, then an HTML string inserted into your post. Other than editing it by […]

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OSX 10.4 Tiger – it's installed

I installed Tiger on Monday, and I have to say it does live up to the hype. I backed up my system and opted for the “Upgrade” option rather than format and install or archive and install (essentially copying my old system into a folder in case you ever have to revert back to it). […]

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