Mac OSX 10.4 Tiger

Apple new OS is due to be released on April 29th. Visit Apple’s MacOS X website for full details.

It’s now been over a year and a half since the release of OS X 10.3 ‘Panther’, and I have been using it since the day of release. It is also a year and a half since I bought my first Apple Mac, so Panther has been my first real experience with the Mac environment. As a long-time Windows user (which I remain at work), I have found the OSX experience refreshing for the following reasons:

  • Reliability – I haven’t experienced such a solid system before
  • Beauty – the user interface is beautiful – from the typography to the subtle drop shadowing – it’s wonderful to look at
  • Ease of use – it took only minutes, when I didn’t really know what I was doing, to get my system working on my home network, connected to the internet, and my peripherals working (printer, scanner, graphics tablet)
  • Quartz Extreme, the graphics engine, renders the most fluid 2D graphics I have seen
  • Exposé – being able to tile my windows, either all of them, or just those of a specific application, is incredible. At first I thought it was a toy, now I use it on a daily basis
  • These are just a few of the things I like about it. In the weeks preceding my decision to delve into the world of Apple Macintosh, I had a series of catastrophic events on my Windows PC. A rather stubborn virus insisted on resetting my system randomly, despite my running the latest updated version of McAfee AntiVirus, I was hacked, which unfortunately happened in the few minutes I had turned off ZoneAlarm to troubleshoot why an instant messaging client wasn’t working as it should. It took me days and days to get the XP box back up and running again, and I had reached the point where I was not prepared to spend any more time fixing Windows.

    My mind was made up to move away from Windows at home, and I haven’t looked back. Many of the new features in OSX 10.4 Tiger (Dashboard, Automator, Spotlight, and the new imaging technologies)promise new possibilities, more efficient ways of working, whilst remaining a gorgeous looking interface. The proof will be when I get to install it next week.

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    1. Tehm 5 May, 2005 at 9:19 pm #

      I too am a recent-ish switcher from Windows and PCs to OS X and Apple Macs. It was one of the most worthwhile decisions I have made.

      My PC problems were more or less the same, though running Windows 2000 at the last count, it was a darn sight better than XP. However the persistent battling against viruses, unstable programs, sluggish operations made computing a horror. Now it is a joy.

      I primarily use computers for the internet, email, databasing, word processing and presentations. OS X and Apple Macs offer the best solutions for all of these activities – by far. It makes me wince seeing people struggle and struggle hard to get their computers connected to their LAN, or get a simple program to do what you want it to do. Why give yourself such grief? These days you cannot even use cost as an excuse. Apple Macs, for the wonders you get, are the only sensible investments. Think of all thoughs (wo)man hours you waste bashing your head against a dingy PC box.

      Apple Macs are kind and gentle, yet masterly and powerful. Spend more time doing other things, get an Apple Mac, and ditch your beige abominations.


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